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Coal mining company for high-quality coal grade T \ (PCI).

Production activity of the Limited Liability Company "Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy" began in 2011.

Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC performs exploration and mining of coal in the open pit at the plot Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy 1 of the Krasnobrodsky Coal Field in the Kemerovo Region.

The Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy plot of the Krasnobrodsky Coal Field is located in the central part of the Kuznetsk Basin and the northeastern slopes of the Salair Range of the Kemerovo Region.

World demand and supply of coal

Coal of the company is supplied both to Russian consumers using the technology of pulverized coal injection (PCI) and for export, in particular to Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova.

More information about the products of Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC and the structure of supplies

Development Strategy

Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC is a dynamically developing company.

The strategic goal of Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC is to ensure the high quality of products and achieve a profitable volume of coal production and sales, respecting the requirements of industrial safety and labor protection.

The system of industrial safety and labor protection at the company is based on the principle of preserving the life and health of workers, which is a priority in relation to the results of production activities, as well as on the principle of protecting the natural environment.

Download APPLICATION about the policy of Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC in the field of industrial safety

Krasnobrodsky Yuzhniy LLC provides workplaces to the population of Kuzbass: Krasnobrodsky urban district, villages of Trudarmeisky, Inskoy, Karagaila, Prokopyevsk, Kiselevsk, Guryevsk, Salair.

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